A Usecase for Static Bundles

Product Bundling Advantages

Product bundling allows related products to be sold together.

  • Bundles help sales reps from selling non-compatible products
  • Bundles allow for discounting of products. Get a 10% discount on a Gaming monitor on the purchase of a gaming PC
  • Bundles help to sell configurable products. MacBook Air (M2 Chip) can be configured with (8/16/24 GB memory) whereas MacBook Pro 14-inch can be configured with (16/32 GB memory). This type of bundle is called configurable bundles
  • Bundles allow for selling prepackaged products. This type of bundle is called a static bundle. We will examine this use case in more detail in this article.

Use Case

A particular school district in Texas requires the basic MacBook Pro M1 Chip with the below configuration. There should not be any changes allowed to the bundle

  • 8GB memory
  • 256 GB SSD
  • USB-C Charge Cable (2m)
  • 30 W USB-C Power Adapter

Static bundles always have the same products together, in the same quantities, with no changes allowed. For instance, it’s not possible to upgrade the memory to 512 GB.

Overview of Static Bundle Products

How to Configure them

  • On the Product Record, set the Configuration Type to Disabled. This will skip the product configuration page and automatically selects the related products once the main product is chosen
  • On the Product Option Record, which corresponds to the related product, the required and Bundled are checked which ensures the related product is always included and the price of the related product is not added to the bundle.


Static bundles enable a sales rep to sell the same products by preventing any changes to the configuration. This is useful to sell the same product with confidence and peace of mind. In our use case, the school district always requires the same Macbook Pro configuration throughout their school system.